It's been two days since we had our last unburdening. Maybe life has been pretty good or maybe someone done pissed you off in the last 48 hours. Perhaps you're holding a grudge and you need a tiny corner of the interweb to store this info before you lose your damn mind.

It's not like you and your dad were driving home and killed Bambi's mom! <.<

It's not like your car is probably not worth fixing. No no, you have to find the silver lining. No one was hurt and it could have been worse.


But, we're not here for silver linings. Oh naw, silver linings are for another time. Today, we need to Bitch Amongst Ourselves.

Maybe your oatmeal takes too long to cook because it's steel cut. Eff that.

Let's BAO.

Happy Birthday to our very own, Klugies! Or I_Kluge? I don't even know what his real handle is anymore.