Someone to keep her company.

I'm on the train right now with a bunch of rowdy, drunk Yankees fans. They don't seem overly happy so I'm guessing the Yanks are losers.

I just came from having dinner with some girlfriends. A Swan doesn't have many girl friends because ::whisper:: Swan gets along better with guys. The typical girl is just too much drama and girl stuff. Swan is a loner at heart but has lots of friends and many acquaintances. None on this train though.

Did you have a good dinner?

I didn't eat what I wanted. Went to a Japanese restaurant and the girls wanted to share a roll so we got spicy tuna, crunchy spicy salmon and ack! California roll. Not my choices. No one wanted the Unagi. For my entree, I had a salmon teriyaki. Blergh. I was paralyzed by too much choice on the menu so I chose a crap dish under the pressure. It happens. If I could eat by popping a pill, I would do it.

This woman in the seat in front of me just farted.

It stinks.

Oh my Gods. Halp!