Hello Person who is my Secret Santa.

Please know there’s not much I want, really and I would appreciate whatever it is you decide to get.

Here are a few suggestions to help you along which will hopefully make things easier on you:

  • Because my family insists I stay in the kitchen to cook for them, and had many nights of frustration playing Overcooked, this tea towel is an option.
  • I love Animal Crossing. All things Animal Crossing (I have all the games and amiibo because Zarnyx buys too many games even though she has a backlog, and the book from Fangamer). This pin is the best.
  • I also love Kirby because Kirby is best.
  • Books are my true love but I have so many. In this case, an Amazon gift card would be helpful because digital is the way to go.
  • Speaking of gift cards, that sweet but terrible sister of mine got me a Switch for my birthday but neglected to get me any games. A Nintendo gift card would be something to consider.
  • No t-shirts please, as I have too many of them.