If you imagine flowers blooming in your mind and when asked how many flowers you see, the answer is a resounding “not enough” then you have a kindred spirit or a bro in this TAYer, AlmightyDuke. Let’s all take a look into his shady eyes, shall we?

The Deets:

Location: Canada

Looks like: That guy in the pic but, it has been said, that although he may not look like Vincent Price, he does in fact have the suave and smoothness of demeanor of VP. We can just picture it all.


Nicknames around here: Duke, AD, Dukebro

Favorite Games and Things: Ratchet and Clank, likes playing Starcraft the anti-social way (no people playing with Duke. Uh uh. No. getouttahere), likes games that have unique art style, likes Travis Wood as a brewer, enjoyed the first few Clancy novels, Jackie Chan is the man, Maynards products are pretty damn tasty, the IT Crowd.

Fun Facts:

Classifies himself as an outgoing introvert

Reads webcomics weekly. Among his chosen are Menage a 3 (NSFW), Dangerously Chloe, Sandra on the Rocks and the League of Super Redundant Heroes


Does not like Superman but the symbol is another story

As of March 23, 2016, had not watched Cowboy Bebop

Thinks Watership Down is a very disturbing children’s movie. (Editor’s note: The Plague Dogs is the other Richard Adams work that is designed to traumatize young minds.)


Procrastinates using YouTube. Mostly comedy stuff like LoadingReadyRun videos.

Perfect abode would be built in the ground with concrete walls, big rooms, and an outside entrance heated in Winter to avoid snow buildup. (Sounds like a man who’s ready for that apocalypse. You know the one.)

Can do Skeletor’s voice near perfection

Will be making TAY biscuits on TAY Day before or after he celebrates by playing Mario ParTAY


If there are cookies, there must be milk otherwise a murderous bloodlust will follow

Don’t phone talk him. That is a dead medium. IM/Text/Message is the way to go

Life on TAY: AlmightyDuke is the author of the broteous Broforce articles because he’s the ultimate bro, and also hosts The Graveyard Shift every other Wednesday. He originally came to TAY “out of curiosity and stayed thanks to the great community.”


His first post appeared on 5/04/2015 - Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Live Stream


On This Day One Year Ago:

AlmightyDuke was on the Open Forum talking about his favorite Star Wars games moments.


Random Quote: On Tribbles. “[A]ll they do is eat and multiply. They are the cutest threat that the Enterprise ever faced.” AlmightyDuke, 3/27/2016

*Feel free to add comments or information about Almighty Duke below (You, too, AD). As with that other site, this page may be updated and revised as information changes